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Everything I know – Buckminster Fuller

A rare interview of the visionary inventor Buckmister Fuller. Running time: 41 mins. Link Advertisements

John Lennon , Tomorrow Show Interview

Filmed in 1975, when Lennon’s stay in the US was in jeopardy, (the subject of the recent movie). Lennon’s attorney has to be present. Running time: 41 mins. Link

Morrissey Interview

Running time: 23 mins. Link

Larry Brilliant’s Inspired TED Prize talk.

A great and inspiring talk from the epidemiologist who saw the last cases of Smallpox and Polio. Larry is also the co-founder of the legendary online service, the Well. Running time: 26 mins. Link

Sex Pistols and punk profile 1976

I have been looking for this for ages. The original Janet Street Porter interviews of the Sex Pistols for LWT in late 1976. Running time: 26 mins. Link

Freeman, Esther and George Dyson

The whole family of illustrious Dysons together on stage for the first time! A talk about the difficulty of looking forward. Running tim: 1 hour 23 mins. Link

Frank Zappa against censorship on Crossfire

Amazing how prudish the attitudes of the others are and this is 1986 not 1956. A classic period piece. Link