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The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow

A woman who attributes the fact that she has a remarkable affinity with animals to her autism. Running time: 48 mins Link Advertisements

The Boy With the Incredible Brain

Extraordinary documentary about Daniel Tammet whose mental arithmetic, linguistic and memory skills are such that he has recited Pi to 22,514 places. A feat which took 5 hours. To test him, he is to learn a new language in a week, for the film makers. Includes an interview with the real life person that was […]

Jared Diamond – How Societies Fail-And Sometimes Succeed

The Man with the ultimate Boston (?) accent, talks about his book, Collapse, at the Long Now Foundation. (I just realized that I went to this lecture). Running time: 1 hour 14 mins. Link

The Hawking Paradox

Whats makes this film interesting is it dares to question the importance of Hawking as a physicist and also goes some way towards explaining the amazing but obvious fact, that he has had to figure out how to do quantum and relativistic physics calculations in his head. I once came across a psychiatrist who claimed, […]

Charles and Ray Eames’ Powers of Ten

The classic, pre-CGI educational film that travels logarithmically from the subatomic to inter-galactic. Running time (with intro): 17 mins. Link

Larry Brilliant’s Inspired TED Prize talk.

A great and inspiring talk from the epidemiologist who saw the last cases of Smallpox and Polio. Larry is also the co-founder of the legendary online service, the Well. Running time: 26 mins. Link

Equinox – It Runs On Water, Free Energy 1995

Running time: 50 mins. Link

Are We Alone – the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

“There are over four hundred thousand million stars in our Galaxy alone. Where do we start looking for life?” Running time: 29 mins. Link

Global Dimming

Running time: 49 mins. Link

Darwin’s dangerous idea

Darwin’s Dangerous Idea(Part 1 of 2): Interweaving key moments of drama in Darwin’s life with current research. Running time: 56 mins (part 1), 59 mins (part 2). Link part 1 Link part 2