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The Art of Moving

Amazing French Parkour/Yamakasi documentary. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t speak French, trust me. Running time: 1 hour 17 mins. Link Advertisements

Surfing the Amazon

“Its every surfer’s dream, to ride an endless wave”. Well there you have it. Riding the amazon’s tidal bore. Running time: 26 mins. Link

The Best Soccer Goals in History

Annoying soundtrack, but some sublime footwork. Running time: 1 hour 11 mins. Link

Red Bull Extreme Sports compilation

Cliff diving, big wave surfing, BMX, kite boarding, skateboarding, motocross and marbles. OK, not marbles. Running time: 56 mins. Link

Jump Britain – Parkour (jumping between buildings) documentary

Features real life superhero and Parkour pioneer, Sebastien Foucan, and the UrbanFreeFlow team. Running time: 49 mins. Link